SUDAN WATCH: Anti-poverty bands made with forced labour, Oxfam says

Monday, May 30, 2005

Anti-poverty bands made with forced labour, Oxfam says

At one of the factories, the Tat Shing Rubber Manufacturing Company in Shenzen, employees were working a seven-day week for less than the minimum wage, with no annual leave, no right to freedom of association, and poor health and safety provisions, one report said.

At the Fuzhou Xing Chun Trade Company, workers were being paid below the minimum wage and having pay deducted for disciplinary reasons, the other report said.

The product? Make Poverty History wristbands.

See Full Report at Independent UK - via Laban Tall's Blog with thanks.

There is so much incompetence around. The report says:
"We were stupid," said Dominic Nutt at Christian Aid. "We didn't check it out, Cafod didn't check it out, and Oxfam didn't check it out."
The report lists the various wristbands. Note green 'Save Darfur' bands via do not get a mention. I am still waiting for the 20 white Make Poverty History bands I ordered from UNICEF who sent me a note weeks ago explaining they were out of stock and would post them on asap. Poor Chinese must be working flat out. I wish the proceeds from all wristbands could be paid to the Chinese workers as a mark of respect and apology.

Colourful campaigns

- Yellow: The US cyclist Lance Armstrong began the craze, producing bands for his cancer charity.

- Blue: Beat Bullying. Launched by Radio 1 to coincide with an anti-bullying campaign. Also used for tsunami and prostate cancer campaigns.

- Black and white: Nike makes them in aid of a campaign to fight racism in football across Europe.

- Pink: Used by Breast Cancer Care, which provides support for those affected by breast cancer.

- Red: Support for campaigns ranging from heart disease and diabetes to HIV, to anti-smoking campaigns in the US.

- Orange: For the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Britain, and self-harmer charities in the US.

- Green: Used by Community Service Volunteers and the Ski Club of Great Britain.

- Magenta: Used by Diabetes UK.


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