SUDAN WATCH: Sudan: Government forces relocations from camps around Khartoum

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sudan: Government forces relocations from camps around Khartoum

It's sickening that one can't believe a word from the Sudanese government or the Darfur rebels who are rebelling at a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in aid. The longer this goes on, the more dependent Sudanese will be on aid. Those responsible ought to be arrested by the African Union and put on trial for crimes against humanity.

Today's report by Reuters' excellent correspondent Opheera McDoom in Khartoum says Jan Pronk heard reports in the past day of forced relocations from camps around Khartoum, which house around 2 million people mostly from Darfur and South Sudan, despite promises from the government they would be consulted before anyone was moved from the slum areas. Excerpt:
"I deplore that strongly ... promises have been made of consultation and I'm afraid to have to conclude that that consultation did not take place," he said.

Pronk said there had been violence but did not give details, saying the authorities had prevented U.N. personnel from entering the area.

Earlier this year, thousands were forcibly moved to a desert area about 35 km (22 miles) from Khartoum. Residents complained it did not have sufficient water or health services and that they could no longer afford to get to town to work.

The governor of Khartoum said he needed the land for regular, planned housing and that he had consulted with local committees before moving the people.


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