SUDAN WATCH: Tensions run high in slums of Sudan after death of Garang

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tensions run high in slums of Sudan after death of Garang

Who says there is no division in the Sudan between Arabs and Africans? Seems only the Sudanese government believes so.

A report today by Andrew England in the Financial Times says tensions are running high in the slums of Sudan after the death of Garang. Excerpt:
In a nearby neighbourhood, northern Arabs express their opinions, views that become more extreme the longer the conversation lasts. "If we had guns there would be no more Mandela [camp]," says Samoal Awad, a resident of Kalakla. "Southerners should stay in the south and northerners should stay here."
Thing is, most of the oil is in Christian Southern Sudan. If South Sudan broke away, it would take the oil with it. Northerners, who are supporters of the Islamic regime in Khartoum, wouldn't put up with that, would they?

Maybe the only thing that might unite Sudan in the long term is if religion and government were separated.

Note Sudan Watch post August 8, 2005 entitled "Sudan is made up of two different worlds that will never coexist peacefully."

And see photos posted August 6, 2005 showing evacuation of "Arabs" from Southern Sudan.



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