SUDAN WATCH: Ramstein airmen helping airlift Rwandan soldiers into Darfur

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ramstein airmen helping airlift Rwandan soldiers into Darfur

Stars & Stripes reports today about 15 airmen from Ramstein Air Base are in Rwanda helping transport peacekeeping troops to Darfur.

The airmen from the base's 86th Contingency Response Group arrived in the Rwanda capital of Kigali last weekend to help airlift 1,200 troops from two Rwandan battalions and their personal equipment from Kigali International Airport to Darfur.

An equal number is expected to rotate back to their home country, so it's not a case of additional troops for Darfur. More on this news at
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Russian peacekeepers to be in South Sudan next April

Up to 200 soldiers, four Mi-8 transport and combat helicopters and 15 vehicles will be sent to peacekeep in South Sudan (not Darfur which is a separate conflict in western Sudan). An-124 Ruslan, An-22 Antei and Il-76 planes will make over 40 flights to airlift the personnel, hardware and 200 tonnes of various cargoes.

Bashir in Rumbek

Photo: President al-Bashir reviews the Honor Guard during the arrival ceremony at Rumbek Airport, on his left First Vice President Salva Kiir Feb 14, 2006. It was the first time al-Bashir visited Rumbek since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 9 Jan 2005. (Manyang Mayom/Sudan Tribune article 16 Feb 2006)


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