SUDAN WATCH: Sudan asks Libya's embassy in Chad to take care of its interests

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sudan asks Libya's embassy in Chad to take care of its interests

On April 15 Sudan asked the Libyan embassy in N'Djamena to take care of its interests in Chad as Chadian authorities gave Sudanese diplomats in N'Djamena five days to leave Chad, reports Xinhua.

Meanwhile, Chadian president calls Sudan's al-Bashir "traitor". The Chadian leader, who is fighting for his political life after almost 16 years in power, also referred to al-Bashir in Arabic as "a donkey". Heh.
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'Somalisation' of Chad

AFP report Apr 15 says a French diplomat warned on Saturday that if the rebels in Chad toppled the Chadian president, it could create a power vacuum that would destabilise the desperately poor country:
"If Deby goes, there is a risk that Chad will descend into chaos. An anti-Deby coalition does not amount to a real opposition and there is nobody to take over the reins," he said.

This view was backed up by a French geostrategic analyst, who pointed out that the rebel movement was composed of several disparate ethnic groups with different political interests and that it might well fall apart if it actually gained power.

A forced exit for Deby could trigger a situation similar to that Somalia, which has no government and is run by a multitude of armed groups, the analyst said, on condition of anonymity.

The aim is "now to avoid a bloody and violent transition", he said. "Without a peaceful exit from the crisis, the risk is of a 'Somalisation' of Chad."
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Chad's rebel groups FUC and MDJT deny support from Sudan but fail to declare who is funding them.


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