SUDAN WATCH: UK to give $40m to AU mission in Darfur bringing UK contribution to $100m

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

UK to give $40m to AU mission in Darfur bringing UK contribution to $100m

Following the UN Security Council's adoption of Resolution 1679 - support for the Darfur Peace Agreement; Minister for Africa Lord Triesman announced yesterday that Britain is to give a further GBP 20 million to support its implementation, Black Britain reported May 17, 2006:
The GBP 20 million being donated by the UK to the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) brings the total contribution by the UK to over GBP 52 million. Lord Triesman said yesterday that now: "other donors must do their bit."

The Minister for Africa said that a speedy transfer from AMIS to the proposed UN peacekeeping mission is essential. Referring to the continued interference by the Government of Sudan, Lord Triesman said:

"The moment has arrived for the Government of Sudan to drop its objections." Top of the agenda is for the Sudanese government to allow a UN/AU assessment mission into Darfur to asses how the handover will be implemented.

Secretary of State for International Development, Hilary Benn, who was present at the final days of the peace talks called on those who had not yet signed up to the peace deal to do so without delay. He said:

"The UK Government is ready to play its part in support of implementation, and we will continue to press for sanctions against those who impede the peace process."


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