SUDAN WATCH: UN calls on Sudan to send food aid to Darfur

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

UN calls on Sudan to send food aid to Darfur

The UN humanitarian chief called on Sudan to send food aid to Darfur, saying Tuesday that promised international aid would not reach there in time to stave off imminent shortages, Associated Press reported May 9, 2006, excerpt:
Jan Egeland spoke to reporters in Khartoum after returning from a tour of Darfur that was marred by rioting by refugees during a visit to their camp. The refugees attacked a translator in Egeland's entourage, believing he was with the feared Janjaweed militia, then killed a translator working for African Union peacekeepers.

Egeland warned that Darfur is facing food shortages over the next five months because of the rainy season and that Western donations will take time to reach the region. "This year, donors were too late," he said, adding that some had been unaware of the problems raised by the rainy season, when

"I have come with a strong appeal to the govenment" to provide food aid from its strategic stocks to get through "this crucial hunger gap." He said some 40,000 tons a month were needed. (ST/AP)


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