SUDAN WATCH: Factions of JEM and Nur's SLM signed Darfur peace today

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Factions of JEM and Nur's SLM signed Darfur peace today

AP report via Aljazeera June 8, 2006 - excerpt:
Breakaway factions from two Darfur rebel groups that rejected last month's peace accord signed a declaration of commitment to the deal Thursday.

"We shall be bound by the letter and spirit of the (Darfur Peace Accord) and shall assume and implement the relevant obligations therein, especially those related to the comprehensive cease-fire agreement," the letter said.

"The former holdouts should do their utmost to urge their respective members and fellow Darfurians to join the peace process," the African Union Peace and Security Commissioner Said Djinnit said after the signing ceremony in Addis Ababa.
UPATE: Jun 10 2006 Sudan Tribune report Dissident rebels ink commitment to Darfur peace accord - Asmara statement is signed by Abdelwhaid al-Nur of SLM, Khalil Ibrahim of JEM, Ahmed Ibrahim Diraige, the chairman of the Federal Democratic Alliance (FDA) and former Darfur governor, Dr Sharif Harir from FDA and former SLM leading member and Khamis Abdallah Abakar the former SLA vice-president and leader of the Massaleit component of the SLA faction who was among the 19 commanders wanted to freeze Abdel Wahid out earlier on during the 7th round in December 2005.

Thirty representatives, including commanders and politicians from the splinter wings of the SLM/A and JEM, signed the declaration at AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. "With this declaration, we are committing ourselves to the agreement in the same way as the other signatories and are hoping that it allows peace in Darfur," said Abdurahman Musa Abbakar of the SLM/A.


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