SUDAN WATCH: Sudan and Darfur: The problem is political (Fathi M. El Fadl)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sudan and Darfur: The problem is political (Fathi M. El Fadl)

Fathi M. El Fadl, a member of the Sudanese Communist Party's international affairs committee, has an opinion piece at Political Affairs Magazine today that takes issue with many western media reports. El Fadl says the crisis in Sudan is not one of race or ethnicity (Arab vs. African), but a political and economic one that requires political and economic solutions, and, quote:
Sudan's colonial legacy cannot be blamed for today's problems. It is 50 years since the British left the Sudan. The problem is that Sudan is 10 times worse than when the British left. Those who took power either through democratic election or military means failed the people of the Sudan miserably. [Edit]

For those in other countries wishing to express solidarity with the Sudanese people, the most important action is to explain the political ramifications of the crisis of Darfur, both domestic and international, and the real way out, as described here.


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