SUDAN WATCH: Sudan to lobby Rwanda on UN

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sudan to lobby Rwanda on UN

The Sudanese government is planning to send a delegation to Rwanda in its efforts to seek support from African countries in a bid to block a United Nations peacekeeping force from going to Darfur. Read more - New Times report via CFD 29 June 2006.

Note, the report points out, Ismail Dahab Mohamed, the Sudanese Deputy Head of Mission in Kampala said that the AU peacekeeping forces only need logistical and financial support to bring about stability in the area.

I say, news reporters seem to forget to mention some important points, ie current AU Mission in Darfur costs around $1 billion a year. Funding is at the whim of donors. More troops are needed in Darfur. The UN has onging budgets for peacekeepers. Troops in Darfur will probably be needed for more than one year, not to mention Southern and Eastern Sudan and Chad. Who is to pay for all the personnel and equipment? It seems only the UN has the capacity to support such a mission. I've read somewhere that Khartoum feels the UN could use its peacekeeping funds to pay the AU Mission in Darfur to continue after Sep 30.

A recent Arab League meeting resulted in Arab countries suggesting they pay for the AU Mission to continue in Darfur after the mandate ends Sep 30 - but from what I can gather, nothing like $1-2 billion was mentioned.

On July 7 in Brussels, international donors are raising more funds for Darfur and on July 26, an Arab League meeting is set to discuss Darfur relief aid.

Mar 28 2006 - Arabs agree funding for AU troops in Darfur from Oct 1, 2006 plus extra troops from Arab states

Mar 30 2006 - Arab leaders fail to fix amount for Darfur aid

June 7 2006 - EU hosts donors meeting July 7 on Darfur reconstruction


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