SUDAN WATCH: Darfur rebels JEM/NRMD attack Sudan gov't soldiers in Goz Mino, W Darfur killing 3, injuring 2

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Darfur rebels JEM/NRMD attack Sudan gov't soldiers in Goz Mino, W Darfur killing 3, injuring 2

"On 18 August a SAF camp has been attacked in Goz Mino by rebel group believed to be JEM and NRMD*, killing one officer, two soldiers and injuring other two. The situation in Jabel Moon remains tense. The SAF is preparing to clear the rebel from the area", UN Country Team in Sudan reported 21 Aug 2006 via ReliefWeb. Note further excerpts and mention of green uniforms:
South Darfur Security:

On 17 August a commercial truck loaded with goods and passengers from Graida to Salamala village was attacked by some armed men dressed in green uniform. A man was shot dead while four others sustained injuries. Goods worth several thousands of dinars were looted by the attackers.

West Darfur Security:

On 19 August it was reported that a group of Chadian army ran away from their barrack and entered Sudan. A group from the Chadian army who pursued to capture the deserter soldiers met with SAF and clashed on the border near Kulbus. No information of casualties or killed has been reported. After a brief exchange of fire, the Chadian army went back to the Chadian side.
[*Could this be NRF? - see links here below]
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Darfur rebels broke away from the JEM group and called themselves the National Movement for Reform and Development (NMRD).

Excerpt from The Sudanese Thinker 15 Aug 2006 - Darfur Rebels: Who's Who?:
National Redemption Front (NRF): The recently formed NRF is a coalition of rebels opposed to the peace deal, including JEM, former commanders from both SLA factions (al-Nur has disassociated himself from the group) and the Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance.

The Sudan Tribune's website has a copy of NRF's founding declaration, including its objectives. It calls for "a just system of sharing wealth and power between the various regions of Sudan", "regional self rule" and "fair participation" in national politics.

The NRF now holds sway in much of north Darfur. It has reportedly been involved in offensive actions, such as an attack on a town in North Kordofan and a military base belonging to Minnawi's faction in Sayah. This week it said it had shot down a Sudanese government bomber, but the government denied the report.

Sudan Tribune report 21 Aug 2006 claims JEM & NRF control Darfur militarily. Excerpt:
On 30 June, the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) of Khamis Abdalla Abakr; Justice & Equality Movement (JEM) of Khalil Ibrahim and the Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance (SFDA) of Ahmed Ibrahim Diraig and Sharif Harir founded from Asmara the National Redemption Fron (NRF). Since, most of Minni Minawi troops rejoined the newly formed group.
I wonder how and why Ibrahim gains entry to France and Sudan whenever he pleases. Immigration rules seem bent in favour of criminals.


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