SUDAN WATCH: Sudan gov't consent not required in the resolution

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sudan gov't consent not required in the resolution

Excerpt from commentary by Tim Fernholz at New Republic Aug 17, 2006:
"Transcript of a press gaggle with Ambassador Jackie Sanders, the alternative representative for special political affairs to the United Nations:

Reporter: Ambassador, on that last point, [Sudanese] President [Omar Al] Bashir said as recently as yesterday that not only will he not welcome a U.N. force, he would attack it. What do you plan to do about that?

Ambassador Sanders: Well, there are a number of high level dialogues going on including from the United States. The UK is sending an envoy to the region to speak with him, and I think--as was discussed in the Council today--all the countries of the Council and any country that has any influence with this government is welcome and encouraged to use its influence to get the president to get on board with this... .

Reporter: Is the consent of the government of Sudan required by this resolution as far as you see it?

Ambassador Sanders: I would say it is not required. The fact of the matter is it's in our job description to get this thing adopted, then it's in the job description of the government of Sudan to consent to it and to move forward. And that's what we are expecting and that's what we're going to work toward.

Reporter: Sorry, you just said not required?

Ambassador Sanders: The consent is not required in the resolution.

Reporter: But it's required for the force?

Ambassador Sanders: Well practically speaking, it's going to be useful to have the government on board to get this accomplished."
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Deteriorating situation calls for action, US diplomat says

From US Department of State 17 Aug 2006 re US, UK submit resolution on UN peacekeepers for Darfur:
"After a private meeting with the Security Council to present the resolution, U.S. Ambassador Jackie Sanders said, "Hopefully, we'll get a resolution adopted quickly and unanimously."

"We hope the government of Sudan will do its part," said Sanders, the deputy U.S. envoy to the United Nations."
Unanimously? Everyone on UN Security Council, including China and Russia? She can't be serious.


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