SUDAN WATCH: Sudanese blogger Fluent-Sudani on "Lost Identity"

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sudanese blogger Fluent-Sudani on "Lost Identity"

The author of Fluent-Sudani blog was born and bred in Sudan and now lives in New York. Excerpt from blog entry Aug 13, 2006:
Northern Sudan kid

Photo: Northern Sudan kid

"Outsiders who do not have any background on Sudan history are always skeptical about our race, tend to randomly pick whatever they desire to call us; Arabs or Nubians. Sudan is a diverse land, I say. Having skittles-skin color folks. Asking any Sudan native, they answer you "we're Sudanese." without adding any other preferences to feed doubts.

Southern Sudan kid

Photo: Southern Sudan kid

Over history, spread of Islam throughout Africa, resulted in mingling between missionary men who brought books to enlighten us about the faith, living peacefuly among us, emanicipating slaves, built mosques. Also, spread of christianity beforehand coptics fled from Egypt settled in northern Sudan. Italian missionary men and women also built Catholic schools and churches mainly in the Southern Sudan and the capital, Khartoum. I find it appalling few blocks away from my old house, a mosque and a church seperated by one wall.

Eastern Sudan kid

Photo: Eastern Sudan kid

No matter what classification others come up with, we are brothers and sister of the same blood. Afro-arab culture/food/values, understand ourselves instantly despite dialect differences. Embracing our historical heroes that kicked British colonization our of our land and gained us independence.
Western Sudan kid

Photo: Western Sudan kid

[thanks to Drima, The Sudanese Thinker: It's Slowly Happening]

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Anonymous Mandino said...

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Monday, December 29, 2008  

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