SUDAN WATCH: Sudan says "US's strategy is regime change"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sudan says "US's strategy is regime change"

Speaking at SUNA press forum Monday, Presidential Advisor Mustafa Osman Ismail, said that the UN resolution No 1706 is violating the sovereignty of the Sudan directly because it gives the responsibility of protection of the Sudanese and the borders to the international forces.

Full story Sudan Tribune 4 Sep 2006. Excerpt:
"Monitoring the borders ... protection of civilians ... creating an independent judiciary have all become the responsibility of the international forces, so what is left for the government?" he said, referring to clauses in the U.N. resolution.

"The United States has a clear strategy ... of trying to weaken this government ... or trying to change the government."

Ismail doubted the American intentions towards Sudan, saying US insisted on the issuance of the recent resolution to carry out its strategy, which aims to weaken the government.

According to Ismail many evidences lead to the US bad intentions towards Sudan: the US describes the dispute in Darfur as genocide. Washington after the issuance of UN resolution 1706 announced that no consent is required from Sudan government to deploy UN troops in Darfur; and US Administration continues to impose economic sanctions and put Sudan on the list of countries harboring terrorism.

On the other hand, the Presidential Press Secretary Mahjoub Fadl Badri added another charge against the US Administration. He said US scheme aims at breaking Sudanese unity.

Speaking to the Voice of the Arabs Radio in Cairo, Badri said US “plan aims at breaking Sudanese unity, which is a very progressive step in case the international forces were deployed in Darfur, to be able to separate the Darfur region from the rest of Sudan".


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