SUDAN WATCH: Pundits and activists living in cloud cuckoo land

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pundits and activists living in cloud cuckoo land

Funny, I've used the term 'living in cloud cuckoo land' to describe the pundits and activists pushing for war in Sudan.

American blogger Jerry Fowler of Voices on Genocide Prevention notes the new Human Rights Council rejected an attempt to hold the Sudanese government responsible for halting atrocities in Darfur.

Jerry says the Council meets in Geneva but might as well be in cloud cuckoo land for all the good it's doing to protect human rights of civilians in Darfur. I wonder what exactly Jerry hoped they'd do or say at this point in negotiations.

It irks me to read armchair pundits criticising what is being done about Darfur without saying what should be done and spelling out the consequences of any action. Surely if they did their homework and thought through what they were suggesting for Sudan, they might realise they're being irresponsible pushing for more war and possibly the start of World War III.
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UPDATE: Nov 29 2006 Reuters - Annan criticises UN rights body, wants Darfur move - Annan said that a "new atmosphere" was urgently needed but that some of the criticism of the Council was premature.


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