SUDAN WATCH: UN Sudan Bulletin 19 Nov 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

UN Sudan Bulletin 19 Nov 2006

Excerpt from report by UN Country Team in Sudan:
Sudanese Foreign Minister Lam Akol told reporters on 18 November that Sudan "did not agree to the deployment of hybrid UN-AU forces in Darfur" during Thursday's consultation in Addis Ababa. Local media say that Akol claimed Sudan agreed only to a UN "hybrid operation". Local Akol said Sudan had rejected proposals for combined AU-UN command as well as the proposed number of troops. According to Akol, the outcome of the meeting was that UN Resolution 1706 "has been overtaken".

One of the leaders of the NRF, Ahmed Ibrahim Direij said in a press statement issued in Cairo on 18 November that talks between GNU and DPA non-signatories will be held in Asmara on 30 November.

According to local media, the Government of Sudan signed an addendum to the DPA with a SLM faction led by Commander Abo Al Qassim Imam. Reportedly, a signing ceremony was held in Tripoli on 18 November, attended by AU representative Nour Al Din Al Mezni, Mustafa Tirab of the SLM, Professor Abdel Rahman Musa of SLM Free Will and Dr Majzoub Al Khalifa reporting to the Government.

On 18 November, President Al-Bashir held meetings with FVP Kiir and the GoSS Cabinet in Juba. He stressed the need for better co-ordination on security issues, oil production and investment, in the South. He noted that GoSS should attract more foreign investment and meet development needs of the South. On the Abyei issue, the President commented that the NCP-SPLM Joint Leadership Committee is discussing the matter and it should be resolved on the basis of the relevant CPA protocol.

On 17 November, WFP welcomed a US government contribution of $90.5 million for people in Sudan. The pledge brings total American contributions for Sudan in 2006 to $400 million.


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