SUDAN WATCH: Darfur Arabs create a rebel group [The Popular Forces Troops], repulse army attack

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Darfur Arabs create a rebel group [The Popular Forces Troops], repulse army attack

Dec 6 2006 Sudan Tribune (NYALA, South Darfur)
A new rebel group in Sudan's troubled Darfur region said they repulsed an attack by the army against their position. The rebels identified themselves as belonging to Darfur Arab tribes and struggling against the marginalization of the region.

The Popular Forces Troops (PFT) said in a statement issued Wednesday that they had repulsed an attack by the Sudanese army against their position at Kas-Zallingi Road in South Darfur on Tuesday 5 December.

The rebel group said they took up arms against Khartoum to fight marginalization of Darfur region. "Darfur Arab groups believe that Darfur people are fighting for a just cause. The TPF likely supports the struggle of all marginalized Sudanese people against Khartoum's injustice."

Further they distanced their self from the government-backed Arab militia that carrying war against the African tribes in the region.

"Those who are now fighting with the government in Darfur are a minority of mercenaries and hired individuals. They do not represent Darfur Arabs and do not embody their heritage, courage and sacrifice for peace and justice."

The TPF also appealed the Darfur rebel groups which are opposed to the Darfur Peace Agreement - SLM and NRF - to work jointly against the government.

We are "ready to fight with them, shoulder to shoulder, until all demands of Darfur and other marginalized parts of the Sudan are fully realized."


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