SUDAN WATCH: South Sudan DDR: UN says militants re-integrating in Sudan is now underway

Saturday, March 28, 2009

South Sudan DDR: UN says militants re-integrating in Sudan is now underway

Friday, March 27, 2009 report by PANA via
UN says militants re-integrating in Sudan
New York, US - A process to reintegrate more than 180,000 former Sudanese militants back into civil society is now under way, the United Nations said on Thursday.

The Pan African News Agency (PANA) reports that a statement issued by the UN, stated that the ex-fighters were taking part in a disarmament, demobilisation and re-integration programme backed by the UN mission in Sudan (UNMIS).

It said the programme provided former militants, once involved in the 22-year civil war in Sudan, with technical and material assistance to support the transition back into civilian life.

"While a violent insurgency continues between rebels and the Sudanese government in the western Darfur region of Sudan, the UN is supporting the process of helping more than 180,000 ex-fighters reintegrate into the society,'' it noted.

The statement also said that the process was starting in the central-eastern city of Ed Damazin, Sudan.

"Reintegration is the last and most crucial phase of the multi-million-dollar process known as disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration called for by the Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement,'' it added.
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South Sudan DDR

Photo: Ex-combatants from north and south symbolically handed over their weapons and then registered and received a DDR ID card. (UN News Centre)


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