SUDAN WATCH: Why do Americans think that their government "must take the lead" in Africa's largest country Sudan?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why do Americans think that their government "must take the lead" in Africa's largest country Sudan?

From The Christian Post by Ethan Cole 11 March 2009
Graham: U.S. Must Lead in Solving Sudan Crisis
American evangelist and humanitarian leader Franklin Graham called upon President Barack Obama on Tuesday to immediately appoint a special envoy to Sudan to help resolve the growing threat of chaos there after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sudan’s sitting president.

Graham, who had just returned from a weeklong visit to Sudan, said the United States “must take the lead” in solving the Darfur crisis as well as making sure the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is implemented.

The CPA was a peace agreement signed in 2005 by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and the Government of Sudan that ended the 20-year civil war between North and South Sudan. In recent months, the SPLM has accused the central government of not abiding by the agreement leading to growing tension between the two bodies that threaten to unravel the peace deal.

Samaritan’s Purse, the Christian relief organization headed by Graham, has worked extensively in both South Sudan and in Darfur.

Last week, Bashir had expelled the 13 largest aid groups operating in Darfur in response to the ICC arrest warrant that charged him with crimes against humanity in Darfur. Aid groups estimate that the expulsion will threaten the survival of more than 2 million Sudanese who depend on the aid.

Graham, in a statement Tuesday, urged Bashir to allow humanitarian aid groups back into Darfur.

“I urge President al-Bashir and the government authorities to stop NGO (non-government organization) expulsions and allow those expelled to return,” Graham said. “The displaced people of the Darfur conflict are in a vulnerable position and urgently need the assistance of those organizations.”

But the situation in Sudan appears to be getting worse and more dangerous as the U.S. Embassy in Sudan authorized on Tuesday nonessential staff and family to leave the country, according to The Associated Press. Following the arrest warrant, anti-Western rhetoric has risen sharply along with the danger of violence against Westerners.

The embassy said it has received information of threats against American and European interests in Sudan, according to AP. It also warns Americans to avoid traveling to Sudan.

Both Graham and the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, have expressed a strong desire for the United States to be engaged in the peace process of Sudan.
I don't get it.  Why do Americans think that their government "must take the lead" in Africa's largest country, Sudan?   If they want to be helpful to people in need, they ought to urge the US government to pay its subs to the UN on time. See previous post here today at Sudan Watch: US is $1 billion behind on its payments to UN.

Here's another gripe: articles such as the one above strike me as political and/or religious activism, not news. So what if Mr Graham thinks the US must take a lead in Sudan. It's his personal opinion, that's all. Articles such as the one above are creeping into mainstream media camouflaged as hard news. Google's news search engine ought to be more discerning.


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