SUDAN WATCH: Darfur Groups Optimistic They Can Unite - But No JEM or SLM's Nur

Monday, July 13, 2009

Darfur Groups Optimistic They Can Unite - But No JEM or SLM's Nur

From Sudan Radio Service, Monday, 13 July 2009:
Darfur Groups Optimistic They Can Unite - But No JEM
(Cairo) – The Darfur anti-Government groups who are meeting in Egypt say that they are optimistic that they will unite and will reach a common understanding.

The meetings are organized by the Egyptian government in an attempt to encourage the Darfur anti-government groups to take a unified approach to the crisis prior to peace negotiations.

Dr. Sharif Harir, a senior spokesman for the Sudan Liberation Movement-Unity faction, spoke to Sudan Radio Service from Cairo on Monday.

[Dr. Sharif Harir]: “In fact we started the work according to the time table, yesterday (Sunday) was the opening of the meeting, today (Monday) we will discuss the issue of visions and goals, and how we can make our different opinions closer about the issue of negotiation as one of our means of struggle. I think it is going well and I’m optimistic, we are optimistic because this is an essential condition in the success of the movements in achieving the demands and the aspirations of the Darfur people. By our unity we will unite Darfur people.”

The political advisor to the leader of the United Front for Resistance, Abdallah Abakar, also spoke to Sudan Radio Service from Cairo.

[Abdallah Abakar]: “In fact, when we came to Cairo as the different movements and factions of Darfur, the Egyptian government provided a conducive atmosphere for the talks, and they want us to come to a common understanding, because the recent portrayal of the Darfur factions and movements is unacceptable to the world. So they are continuing the Libyan initiative that the movements can come out with a common vision. We, the Darfur movements, have come this time with goodwill, and we have no differences, so what prevents us from being one or at least having a common negotiating theme in any of the coming peace talks?”

The Egyptian government spokesperson, Omar Qenawi, is hoping for a breakthrough in the talks.

[Omar Qenawi]: “There is much discussion about the desire to unite between all of the leaders and decision makers - but talking is not enough. We urge that talk will be transformed into action, so we hope through these meetings we will make a breakthrough, which everybody is waiting for, particularly the people in Sudan and in Darfur.”

Most of Darfur anti-government groups and factions are participating in the Egyptian initiative for unification, except the SLM Abdulwahid’s faction and the Justice and Equality Movement.
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