SUDAN WATCH: S. Sudan: Jonglei Governor returns from U.S - Insecurity = no development

Monday, August 03, 2009

S. Sudan: Jonglei Governor returns from U.S - Insecurity = no development

From Sudan Tribune by Philip Thon Aleu, Monday 03 August 2009:
Jonglei Governor returns from U.S
August 2, 2009 (BOR TOWN) – Jonglei Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk arrived Sunday to the state capital after a month-long official visit to the United States of America.

Jonglei Governor returns from U.S

Gov. Kuol Mayan (R), Agot Alier, State minsiter of health (C) Speaker Jodi Boyoris (L) move at Bor airstrip on Sunday August 2, 2009 (Philip ThonAleu - ST)

Gov. Kuol lauded the hospitality of Sudanese communities in the US and described that country as "a home to respected people because they [Americans] are hard working." The governor was instrumental in finding refuge for the Lost Boys here in America.

It’s Mr. Manyang first visit to the U.S and the long lasting strip outside the state since becoming Governor of Jonglei state 19 months ago. The governor met during his visit with US business community to encourage them to invest in the oil rich southern Sudan state.

State Minister of health Agot Alier Leek and Speaker of state assembly Jodi Boyoris received Mr. Kuol at Bor airstrip. A long queue of other ministers including Timothy Taban Jouch of information and communication and Gabriel Gai Riam of Parliamentary affairs align at the thin airstrip to meet the Governor.
 Commissioners from various counties and governor’s advisors turn-up for the tremendous reception to the state leader.
Mr. Manyang told the state chiefs later in a briefing at the state guest home that Southern Sudanese in the U.S – most of them known as ’lost boys of Sudan’ accorded him warmth welcome as well as the American people.

"U.S is developed is well developed," he said. "It’s a home to respected people because they are hard working."

Gov. Kuol – based on his 30 days trip to the U.S, said salary payment there is based on work output unlike here. Kuol challenged his people to copy that devotion to national development and change the face of Jonglei state.

Health Minister Agot Alier Leek briefed the Governor on current affairs in Jonglei stating that also were manageable.

On Twic East attack last week, Mr. Kuol will be told that Deputy Gov. Mar Nyuot and South Sudan Minister of Trade Commence and Supply Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin left for Uror on Saturday to in trying to ease tension there.
Copy of a comment at the article:

3 August 2009 by Mabach Kuol
It is absolutely hard work that developed the United States of American and the Americans people are still working tirelessly day and night to push their country development into the future. Therefore, as a governor of Jonglei state in Southern Sudan, you must address the insecurity in Jonglei state because insecurity =no development and I think the Americans business people are not ready to take the risks if you are not serious about doing business with them. Our people are too lazy and too ignorant, and therefore, they need to change. In America, any work is considered as an employment, but our people are too selective and yet they don’t have the education or technical skills required to do their jobs of choice.



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