SUDAN WATCH: USAID: New pumping station is part of a $6m water and sanitation program for Juba, S. Sudan

Sunday, October 25, 2009

USAID: New pumping station is part of a $6m water and sanitation program for Juba, S. Sudan

Good news from Sudan Radio Service, 19 October 2009:
Water on Tap in Kator and Muniki
(Juba) - Some residential areas in Juba are now enjoying clean drinking water for the first time, thanks to a USAID water pump project.

USAID delivered two water pumps to Kator and Muniki suburbs to the Southern Sudan Urban Water Corporation last week.

The pumps were inaugurated by the Goss Minister of Water Resources, Joseph Duer Jakok.

Joseph Duer Jakok: “I welcome you all to this special occasion to witness the inauguration of the Kator and Muniki community water supply system. The Government of Southern Sudan faces a daunting task to provide essential basic services after many years of the war. Most of the existing infrastructure is dilapidated and it is need of urgent repair.”

For Dennis Lado Daramola, chief of Kator, the water project came at a good time.

Dennis Lado Daramola: “We are really celebrating, for the first time the problem of water has been solved in this town, especially the parts of Juba which never had any taps.”

Kator resident, Zeinab Dawud Lado also appreciated the water project.

Zeinab Dawud Lado: “I want to tell all my fellow residents, anyone can now come and get connected with running water to their houses. We suffered especially having to go to the river to fetch water. We are very thankful to the people who connected the water in this area.”

The pumping station is part of a six-million-dollar water and sanitation program for Juba.

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