SUDAN WATCH: South Sudan: Teachers in Juba on strike

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

South Sudan: Teachers in Juba on strike

Before reading the following report from Sudan Radio Service, note this excerpt from Alex de Waal's blog post at Making Sense of Darfur, November 22, 2009:
I hope that for the sake of the many thousands of Sudanese civil servants who depend on a timely salary payment to be able to celebrate the Eid properly, that the Sudan Government finds a way to pay its bills, in the few days left before the holiday. Equally, it must do so for the sake of the CPA.
And read the full story titled Unhappy Eid for the CPA.
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Report by Sudan Radio Service, Wednesday, November 25, 2009:
(Juba) - Teachers in Juba county in Central Equatoria state are on strike because they haven’t received their salaries for the last two months.

The teachers are demanding that their salaries for September and October 2009 should be paid immediately.

The teachers’ representative, the headmaster of Juba Day Secondary School, Daniel Swaka, told Sudan Radio Service that the government has promised to pay the salaries within a week.

[Swaka Daniel]: “We were requested to go to the ministry yesterday by the director-general of education in Central Equatoria state and he told us that they had started to pay the salaries. It transpired to be one month’s salary which some of us started to receive yesterday and the second salary of October is not out yet. The director-general met the acting governor yesterday and they promised that they will pay the remaining salaries within seven days.”

This is the second time teachers’ salary payments have been delayed in Central Equatoria state since the beginning of the year.
Sudan Radio Service's website is being redesigned and will be back online very soon.

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