SUDAN WATCH: Message to Red Cross: Please check Darfur prison conditions

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Message to Red Cross: Please check Darfur prison conditions

Inmates' Relatives Concerned About Darfur Prison Conditions
Report by SRS - Sudan Radio Service, Tuesday, 22 December 2009:
(El Fashir) – Relatives of prisoners from Abu Shok IDP camp in Darfur are protesting about the harsh living conditions endured by inmates who have been in prison for more than six months without trial.

Speaking to SRS on Sunday, a relative of Mayor Hussein Sajoa who preferred to remain anonymous claimed that the prisoners are being tortured and brutally treated.

[Relative]: “These people have been in prison for almost seven months now and so far none of them have been accused of any crimes. We were just told that they are being arrested under ‘emergency legislation’. The prisoners are being tortured both physically and psychologically, and Mayor Hussein Sajoa and Mayor Adam Haroun have had to see a doctor and they started undergoing tests since yesterday. Concerning Sheikh Abdul Razig; Razig’s health and mental state is not good; he is now acting like someone who has completely lost his mind. He can’t even sit with the other prisoners.”

A member pf the Northern Darfur legislative council, Sheikh Duda Adam Hamid, also spoke out against the prisoners’ treatment.

[Duda Adam]: “Our brother, Abdul Razig, who is one of the very active persons as far as the displaced people are concerned, was arrested for no good reason six months ago and was thrown in jail. This automatically led him to have a serious mental problem which he is currently suffering from. Yesterday, there was a group which went to visit the prison, including the chairperson of the social affairs committee in the legislative council, Madam Aisha Mohammed Ahmed. She went to visit Abdul Razig in prison and she found that the man’s mental condition was very bad, and so she spoke to the person in charge and he promised her that the patient will be taken to Professor Ibrahim, the psychiatrist. We are still asking for the release of the prisoners.”

At the beginning of the year, authorities in El-Fashir arrested the leaders of different IDP camps in the Darfur region.



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