SUDAN WATCH: Darfur insurgent's LJM will sign a framework agreement with Sudanese gov't next week

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Darfur insurgent's LJM will sign a framework agreement with Sudanese gov't next week

LJM Insists That Darfur Negotiations Are Continuing in Doha
Report from Sudan Radio Service - SRS, Thursday, 11 March 2010:
(Khartoum) - The coalition of Darfur anti-government movements, the Liberation and Justice Movement, has denied allegations that negotiations between the government and the group have stalled.

Speaking to SRS on Wednesday from Doha, the deputy chairman of the LJM, Abdulaziz Abu Namusha, said that they will sign a framework agreement with the government next week.

Abu Namusha also criticized JEM’s move to exclude other movements from the Framework Agreement signed between the government and JEM.

He said that the Darfur conflict can only be solved if all the anti-government groups are involved in the peace process.

[Abdulaziz Abu Namusha]: “If we need to solve Darfur’s problems permanently we will need only one agreement. This is what we are seeking but there is a suggestion by JEM to fellow groups and automatically the differences appeared and the people have insisted on signing the agreement. JEM has decided that the agreement be signed on 15 March. But for us we have suggested that we have to go and discuss all the issues and we are trying to get the support from the Darfur people on what we have agreed upon.”

The deputy chairman of the LJM Abdulaziz Abu Namusha spoke to SRS from Doha on Wednesday.
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ULJM Darfur Coalition Forms Executive Body
Report from Sudan Radio Service - SRS, 03 February 2010:
(Darfur)– The recently-formed coalition of Darfur anti-government groups, the United Liberation and Justice Movement, announced the formation of its executive body in Doha, Qatar on Tuesday.

The group is to be headed by Doctor El-Tigani El-Sissi, with Abdel Aziz Abu Namousha as vice-chairman.

Abdel Aziz Abu Namousha spoke to SRS from Doha on Tuesday.

[Abdel Aziz Abu Namousha]: “We think unity is the first step towards resolving the Darfur issue because the stance of separate movements greatly affects our people. An agreement was reached that the group should be lead by Dr. El-Tigani El-Sissi with two deputies Abdel Aziz Abu Namousha and Haider Qalokuma Atim. We formed a presidential council, now consisting of six people, but it’s open to others who might join later and increase the council’s number.”

Abdel Aziz went on to express his disappointment that JEM signed a ceasefire agreement with the Government of National Unity but refuse to include other Darfur movements in the peace deal.

[Abdel Aziz Abu Namousha]: “I think unity can’t be achieved unless some people abandon their positions. And since these brothers in LJM have committed themselves to the principles of abandoning their political quest, I think real unity that will lead to peace will be achieved. Unity that will be able to deliver all the rights to Darfurians. But the unity of the movement is not enough. To achieve the rights of Darfurians, we need all Darfurians to come together in order to recover the power from the central government.”

The United Liberation and Justice Movement is composed of ten Darfur anti-government factions and is expected to sign a framework agreement with the government before entering into negotiations.
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Other news from Sudan Radio Service - SRS:

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