SUDAN WATCH: Egypt hosts an African ministerial meeting on Darfur

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Egypt hosts an African ministerial meeting on Darfur

Egypt announced it will host a meeting on Darfur within the few coming days including the foreign ministers of countries that took part in Tripoli summit which was held two weeks ago which are Egypt, Chad, Libya and Sudan.

News reports in Cairo quoted the Egyptian foreign minister Ahmad Abu al-Gheit has asserted Egypt's rejection to imposing sanctions on Sudan and its support for the government of Khartoum.

Abu al-Gheit warned that continued pressure on Sudan will lead to dismantling this country and converting it into several states.
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Sudanese foreign minister Mustafa Othman Ismael started a tour in the countries of the African Union to brief them on latest developments and explaining the official position of the government regarding the crisis.


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