(29 February 2020)

Hello dear friends of Sudan, South Sudan, Sudan Watch, fellow anti-poverty campaigners and passersby. If you have not already done so, please visit the Home page sidebar and get Sudan Watch free via E-mail.

This blog Sudan Watch is a non-partisan site created to chronicle up-to-date, objective, unbiased news, commentary and background information about Sudan and South Sudan.

Sudan Watch blog is the main site in my network of blogs that I created to monitor, curate and document mainstream media reports and commentary published online connected to humanitarian crises in Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Niger and several other hotspots.

Sudan Watch blog is a non-profit labour of love to help the poor and children of Sudan and South Sudan, and to learn about the root causes of poverty in wealthy Africa. Started in 2004, it quickly became a leading blog on Sudan attracting 6,000+ loyal daily visitors and subscribers worldwide.

Now (in February 2020) the 17-year-old Sudan Watch comprises a large digital library of news, analyses and commentary captured from war zones, in real time, starting in 2003 with the outbreak of war in Darfur, western Sudan through to South Sudan gaining independence from Sudan in 2011, followed by more terrible senseless war, poverty, suffering, deaths and destruction.

The British Library has digitally archived this blog Sudan Watch now containing over 6,000 posts amounting to more than 10,000 A4 pages (in addition to my personal 10-year-long blog ME and Ophelia started in 2003) for posterity and the benefit of future researchers and historians.

Sudan Watch is authored with much admiration and respect for the people of Sudan and South Sudan. Here's wishing them the best of luck in achieving long overdue peace and prosperity. I look forward to witnessing it being achieved soon! God bless Sudan, South Sudan and her people, long may they continue to develop and grow while successfully preserving their great history, customs and culture.

This blog is a gift, freely given to the children of Sudan and South Sudan and future generations to come. Should you have any queries/suggestions/complaints please feel free to contact me, the sole founder and editor, Ms Ingrid J. Jones located in England, UK at sudanwatchblog@btinternet.com or leave a comment at a post. Comments are not published immediately as they are checked for spam. Please forgive any delayed reply, I am still incapacitated due to long term chronic illness.

Sudan Watch on Twitter

Note, the first Twitter page @sudanwatch, created for this blog Sudan Watch in November 2010, ceased to exist after several tweets due to the loss of a login email address. A new Twitter page for this blog Sudan Watch was created in April 2019 and can be found on Twitter @sudanwatchblog, twitter.com/sudanwatchblog.

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