SUDAN WATCH: Eritrea mobilises more troops along Sudan common border: report

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Eritrea mobilises more troops along Sudan common border: report

This sounds ominous. Sudan started moving its troops - thousands of them along a border a few months ago. 200 French troops are on the Chad-Sudan border. Strange reports come out about Eritrea ranging from Sudan attempting to assassinate the President of Eritrea - to the U.S. running training camps for the Sudan rebels to weaken the regime in Khartoum.

Note the report is by the pro-governmental Al-Anba daily newspaper, and the material is from the BBC Monitoring Service in England.

KHARTOUM, Oct 30, 2004 -- Sudan has obtained important reports about the deployment of some 400 troops by Eritrean authorities from Assab sea port of Eritrea into Sudanese territory.

The reports further said that 250 troops had at the same time been moved from Massawa sea port to the Sudanese border. The reports said the two military groups had joined others already stationed along the Sudanese border, raising their number to 5,900.

The reports said that alongside the deployed troops, seven helicopters have been made available
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Tension between Eritrea and Sudan heightens

October 22, 2004 report from Middle East online: Ismail expects Eritrea to launch attack on Sudan after Asmara uncovers Sudanese-backed plot to kill President.

Further reading at Eritrea Daily


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