SUDAN WATCH: THE SECOND SUPERPOWER - Targets Siemens, ABB, Alcatel, Tatneft, PetroChina

Monday, October 25, 2004

THE SECOND SUPERPOWER - Targets Siemens, ABB, Alcatel, Tatneft, PetroChina

Paul F. Hoffman, the Hooper professor of geology at Harvard, said that “a broad divestment campaign aimed at pressuring the Sudanese government might have a positive impact, as it did in South Africa.”

The Second Superpower (we the citizens of the world) are perfectly placed to support the Divest Campaign.

Anyone who holds shares in Siemens, ABB, Alcatel, Tatneft, PetroChina: please beware - and drop them - it is blood money.

Last week, I left a comment at British MP Clive Soley's blog suggesting that Germany contributes to the humanitarian effort in Darfur BIG TIME. Germany has just won huge contracts from Sudan to build a Sudan-Kenya railway.

German company Siemens provided the gas chambers for the Nazi's concentration camps - and have kept quiet about it ever since. Yes, times have changed - and I know we are not supposed to mention The War - but some Jewish people are still struggling to have returned to them what was stolen and stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. There is still unfinished business. Siemens could go a lot way and make good PR by contributing to help the victims of Darfur. Siemens has a big operation on the periphery there.


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