SUDAN WATCH: EU to impose a complete embargo on arms sales to Sudan

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

EU to impose a complete embargo on arms sales to Sudan

Perhaps there is hope through the European Union. The joint EU-ACP parliamentary assembly opened yesterday in The Hague with Sudan topping the agenda. It will have an urgent debate about the problems in Darfur and are expected to adopt a resolution on the matter on Thursday.

According to a draft compromise resolution obtained by AFP, the assembly will call for "a complete embargo on arms sales to all armed factions including the Sudanese army."

The draft also proposes to send a fact-finding mission of the joint assembly to assess the situation in Sudan.

In his opening speech, the assembly's co-president, pleaded with the representatives "not to lose sight of reason" when discussing Sudan. "With an urgent resolution we might as well condemn the government of Sudan. However, shouldn't we ask ourselves whether, by doing this, we will have changed the fate of the many displaced, starving and helpless people in Sudan?" he said.


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