SUDAN WATCH: UN Chutzpah: UN slams British jails

Saturday, November 27, 2004

UN Chutzpah: UN slams British jails

Thanks to AlphaPatriot for 'UN Chutzpah'.

At first I thought 'UN slams British jails' was a joke, but Reuters is the source.

Now I'm thinking the UN is a joke as there's not a more civilised country in the world than Britain.

Here's an excerpt from the post.

"... The UN Committee Against Torture is criticizing Britain for "unsatisfactory conditions" in its prisons and for a "substantial number of deaths in custody, inter-prisoner violence, overcrowding ...". It is the fourth time that this committee has focused on Britain, although they also had some unkind words for Greece and Argentina.

There was no word of any criticism for Germany's military even though instructors "allegedly tied up their charges, covered their heads with hoods and in some cases, administered electric shocks" -- even though the number of reported cases has grown. Must be because these were "volunteers" rather than criminals imprisoned against their will. ..."

Read the full story.


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