SUDAN WATCH: EU calls on Sudan to allow UN team visit straight away

Thursday, May 04, 2006

EU calls on Sudan to allow UN team visit straight away

European Union Declaration by the Presidency 4 May 2006 - excerpt:

The EU expresses grave concern about the serious fighting currently occurring in Darfur, which is in contradiction with the positive spirit of the Abuja talks. The EU reiterates its strong condemnation of all cease-fire violations and in particular of attacks on civilians and humanitarian agencies. It urges the Government of Sudan and the leaders of the SLM/A and the JEM to take the necessary steps to ensure that the N'djamena cease-fire is strictly respected by all forces they claim to have under their control, and to fully cooperate with AMIS.

The EU believes it to be essential for the transition from AMIS to a UN operation in Darfur to happen as quickly as possible. The EU expresses its concern at the continued failure of the Sudanese Government to allow the visit of the UN planning team and calls on it to do so straight away.


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