SUDAN WATCH: Pan African Parliament to send mission to Sudan's Darfur

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pan African Parliament to send mission to Sudan's Darfur

Mama Mongella - the stability of Sudan is fundamental to the whole of the African continent - what has taken you so long? At long last, news of PAP, of which Gertrude Mongella is President:

People's Daily Online today May 13, 2006 says the Pan African Parliament (PAP) is to send a mission to Darfur to assess woman and children abuse there, it said after it concluded its fifth ordinary session on Friday - excerpt:
The parliament also called for increased efforts to speed up the peace process in Sudan while highlighting the situation in Darfur.

"The PAP resolves that it send a mission comprising of members of the Permanent Committee on Gender, Family, Youth and People with Disability to the Darfur region and conduct gender assessment and report to the PAP sixth session," it said.

It also urged parties involved in the conflict to respect the recently signed Darfur Peace Agreement in Abuja.

"The PAP recommends that all peace agreements should be signed and respected by all parties, especially the recent peace agreement signed in Abuja," it said. Source: Xinhua
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April 27, 2006 PAP urges Sudanese to disarm Janjaweed - Gertrude Mongella, President of PAP

May 12 2006 BBC African Union parliament 'broke' - The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) may have to call off its next session because of a lack of funds from the African Union officials warn. Wycliffe Oparanya, chairman of the PAP's finance committee, blamed the shortfall on countries that had failed to pay their dues to the AU. He singled out Libya, Nigeria, Algeria and Egypt, which together with South Africa provide 75% of AU funds. - [via POTP with thanks - sorry permalinks still not wkg]


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