SUDAN WATCH: Petition by Darfur Daily News blog

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Petition by Darfur Daily News blog

Darfur Daily News blog claims to be, quote "a reliable source of news and information about what is going on in Darfur at the moment, located in The Hague."

The blog author of Darfur Daily News has organised a petition online targeted at UN, EU, AU, USA, UK, Civil Society, H Rights, International Community.

Entitled "Complete, Inclusive and Comprehensive Peace for Darfur", the petition has 82 signatures to date - goal is 400,000.

Message appears to be: "The door for comprehensive and complete peace in Darfur should be left open."

Note, at the moment Darfur Daily News' petition page hosted at is temporarily unavailable, so I am copying the page of demands and publishing it in full at Ethiopia Watch, the sister blog of Sudan Watch.

If you are unable to view Darfur Daily News blog's petition at, please click here.


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