SUDAN WATCH: SLM rebels back proposal to end war in Darfur

Thursday, May 04, 2006

SLM rebels back proposal to end war in Darfur

Sudanese rebels today endorsed a new proposal drafted by the US and Britain to help end the war in Darfur, saying it meets their key demands and could set the stage for a peace accord, says Associated Press report by Michelle Faul May 4, 2006 - excerpt:
Jaffer Monro, spokesman for the largest rebel group, the SLM, told The Associated Press that the US-drafted revisions to an earlier draft made an agreement possible.

"We are going to study them, but the improvements give us the sign that we can agree, that we do not need to renegotiate and that there will be no further delay for the final agreement," he said.

The concessions from the Sudanese government make agreement possible, though the rebels remained concerned about security arrangements, according to the negotiator.

The European Union's executive Commission, which has been closely following the talks in the Nigerian capital, also said Thursday a deal was imminent and announced it would contribute $125 million for a humanitarian and initial recovery package.

Sudan appeared ready Wednesday to agree to faster disarmament of Arab militias in Darfur and to accept more rebels into its security forces, government spokesman Abdulrahman Zuma said.


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