SUDAN WATCH: Sudan's Turabi condemns Darfur Peace Agreement - Al Turabi Is a Chameleon

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sudan's Turabi condemns Darfur Peace Agreement - Al Turabi Is a Chameleon

The leader of the opposition Popular National Congress party (PNC), Hassan Abdellah al-Turabi, has condemned the Darfur Peace Agreement, Sudan Tribune reported today - excerpt:
In an interview with satellite TV channel Al-Jazeera Al-Turabi said the main rebel group in the region, SLA, signed the accord under US pressure and threats of prosecuting those who will not sign it.
Note, last Thursday the SLA's Minnawi contacted the press to disprove claims by rivals that he signed Darfur Peace Agreement under pressures.

I think blogger Sudanese Thinker hits the nail on the head with his blog entry saying Al Turabi Is a Chameleon - excerpt:
Turabi condemned the peace deal saying it wasn't in the interest of the Darfuris. Sure! Since when did Turabi care about anything besides himself?

For those of you who don't know much about Turabi, let me tell you this... He is the one person mostly responsible for all the problems Sudanese suffer from today. He's extremely smart, charismatic, manipulative and most importantly wicked!

I think the best decision Omar El-Bashir ever made was to put him on house arrest and keep him under control. Believe me folks, if Turabi was still in the picture no peace would have been possible with the south or now with the west.
May 11 2006 AU mediators issue Open Letter to Darfur rebels: May 15 deadline to sign DPA

May 12 2006 Sudan's top diplomat in Washington calls for international community to call for measures against those who attempt to undercut Darfur peace accord

May 12 2006 Nur's Darfur rebel SLA faction sees progress in peace talks

May 12 2006 Minnawi's SLA delegation arrives in northern Darfur to popularise peace accord

May 14 2006 Reuters (Opheera McDoom) Violence follows Darfur peace, Sudanese unhappy - "It is a big mess," said Bashir Adam Rahman, political officer in the opposition Popular Congress Party. "This is going to create more divisions and more fighting between the Darfurians," he said.

"They (the international community) want to hail themselves on paper regardless of what's happening on the ground -- they didn't do their homework," said Mariam al-Mahdi, spokesperson of the popular Umma Party whose traditional base is in Darfur. "That's why the Abuja peace deal is almost near to a catastrophe rather than a step towards a resolution."


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