SUDAN WATCH: TEXT - AU Mediator describes draft, pushes rebels to conclude

Monday, May 01, 2006

TEXT - AU Mediator describes draft, pushes rebels to conclude

Excerpt from Conclusion of an important and eloquent Statement by Dr Salim Ahmed Salim, AU Special Envoy and Chief Mediator, which he addressed last night (2240 GMT) to the warring parties at the talks:
The consequence of not signing this Agreement, first and foremost, will be a drastic and negative impact on the people of Darfur, whose suffering and death will continue for no reason.

By signing to this Agreement, you are not required to stop your political struggle, only to now pursue it by peaceful and democratic means. The opportunity is yours to gain through the ballot box what you cannot achieve at the negotiating table here in Abuja.

Let me finish by saying that, if we walk away from here without a peace deal, the world will not forgive us. There are no winners if this war continues. Everyone of us must share the blame and must live with the guilt of the lives that will be lost and the communities ruined because of the failure to make peace here.
[He deserves a medal]

May 1 2006 AP/ST GLANCE - A look at Sudan, its history and conflicts and draft peace deal.


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