SUDAN WATCH: Britain urges SLM/A al-Nur to join Darfur peace deal

Friday, June 02, 2006

Britain urges SLM/A al-Nur to join Darfur peace deal

Official British source has urged the SLM/A faction led by Abdelwahid al-Nur which refused to sign the peace agreement in Darfur to sign the accord, Sudan Tribune reported June 2, 2006. Excerpt:
The spokesperson for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Barry Marston told Al-Arabiya TV that Abdelwahid al-Nur is wrong if he believes that there is a better deal waiting for him. He has a golden opportunity to lead the population of Darfur towards this future. The international community will not be sympathetic if he does not seize this opportunity.

"This agreement guarantees the Darfur population a real representation in the Sudanese government and institutions. It guarantees them compensation and aid from the central government. It guarantees them the disarmament of the militias and of the Janjawid and it guarantees them other things. We believe that the time has come for all parties to join ranks in order to help the people of Darfur who suffered enormously in recent years" he further said.

Marston said that Britain is the second biggest donor state as far as Sudan is concerned. For instance, in the last three years we donated more than 100m pounds as a humanitarian aid to this region.


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