SUDAN WATCH: Darfur governor warns against deploying UN forces

Friday, June 16, 2006

Darfur governor warns against deploying UN forces

The governor of Sudan's West Darfur state warned Thursday against deploying "international" troops in Darfur, saying the African Union peacekeeping force already there should do the job. Sudan Tribune report June 15, 2006 (Khartoum) - excerpt:
Jaafar Abdel Hakim Ishaq, quoted by the official SUNA news agency, also said a "disaster would befall Darfur if international forces entered the region without the consent of the Sudanese government."

Ishaq, speaking in the state capital of Geneina with a visiting delegation from the United Nations and the African Union, did not elaborate on what the disaster might be.

The team of high-ranking officials has been in Sudan since last week to study the possibility of a handover of AU peacekeeping responsibilities to the UN.

UN officials have made it clear they want to replace the embattled AU forces with better-equipped troops mandated by the world body.

But Ishaq warned against "the grave consequences of international forces entering the state" and called for "reliance on the African forces mission and supporting it so as to fully discharge its responsibilities."
Meanwhile, despite everything that has been reported lately (scroll down the last month of posts here) Eric Reeves in his latest opinion piece (June 16, 2006 "The UN Security Council and a Final Betrayal of Darfur: No willingness to confront Khartoum on the need for civilian and humanitarian protection") manages to write a whole page without mentioning JEM and SLM-Nur's activities in the Sudan.


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