SUDAN WATCH: Despite Slovene efforts, Darfur JEM refuses to sign peace

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Despite Slovene efforts, Darfur JEM refuses to sign peace

June 1, 2006 SudanTribune article - excerpt:
The JEM leader, Khalil Ibrahim, thanked Drnovsek for his efforts, but said that the Abuja accord was unacceptable.

"The agreement is unacceptable for the people of Darfur and Sudan, for it undermines and ignores Darfur's identity," he said. Many big countries have backed it, not because it is good but because Darfur has become a playground for conflicting political and economic interests, Khalil added.

JEM is nevertheless willing to continue with talks and requests more concessions. "We urge the UN and the EU not to close the door to peace in Darfur; don't consider this document as something vital, something which cannot be changed," Khalil explained.

Drnovsek said he agreed with Khalil that the accord could be improved, but the fact of the matter is that the international community has set a deadline which expires at midnight, so he advised the JEM to sign the document despite its shortcomings.


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