SUDAN WATCH: Sudanese President condemns West's meddling

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sudanese President condemns West's meddling

Sudan Prez Condemns West Meddling - Prensa Latina. June 27, 2006 - excerpt:
Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir slammed the West interference in his country through the UN with the pretext of imposing peace in Darfur, which is rich in oil, diamonds, uranium and minerals.

In a meeting with deputies of the governing National Congress Party, in presence of some ministers, Al Bashir asserted he would rather be a leader of the resistance than a president of a nation where multinational forces are deployed.

The Sudanese president made it clear he would not allow stationing blue helmets in Darfur, as that zone cannot be become an Iraq, where the UN-backed West has solved nothing.

I really regret the United Nations has joined the tricks of powerful governments to intervene in Sudan, especially in Darfur, he noted.

Al Bashir also urged rebel groups in Sudan's west to join the peace agreements of May 13, 2006.
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Photo released by the United Nations shows refugees at the Kalma Camp in south Darfur, in 2005. Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir said his country could assume peacekeeping operations in war-torn Darfur, state media reported, in a fresh rebuff of the UN's deployment plan. (AFP/UN-HO/File/Evan Schneider 26 June 2006)


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