SUDAN WATCH: UN Security Council delegation in Khartoum meets Sudanese President al-Bashir

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

UN Security Council delegation in Khartoum meets Sudanese President al-Bashir

On arrival in Khartoum Monday June 5, UN Security Council delegation chief and UK Ambassador to the UN Sir Emyr Jones Parry said the United Nations was there to work with the government.
"We're doing it in support of the people of Sudan. We're not doing it for any takeover. We're doing it with the government of Sudan all the time, and we're not seeking in any way to usurp the powers of the government of Sudan," he told reporters.
Full report BBC June 6, 2006.

UN News Centre report confirms all 15 Security Council member countries are represented on the mission, the majority of them at the level of ambassador. The Council mission is slated to visit Darfur and cross the border to Chad where 210,000 refugees from Darfur are living in camps.

Xinhua says on Thursday, the delegation is scheduled to pay a visit to Juba, capital of south Sudan, where its members are going to have talks with First Sudanese Vice President and President of the Government of the South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit as well as local senior officials.

The delegation will travel on Friday to Darfur, where they will meet in the al-Fashir city with Osman Mohammed Yousuf Kibr, Governor of the North Darfur state, and officials of the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS).

Abu Shouk Camp N Darfur

Photo: Displaced Sudanese women queue at a water point 21 May 2006 in Abu Shouk camp, close to Al-Fasher, the capital of the war-torn Sudanese northern Darfur region. (AFP/File/Ramzi Haidar/Sudan Watch archive)

UN Security Council members meet Sudan's President al-Bashir

IRIN report June 6, 2006 - excerpt:
"The Security Council delegation is now meeting Lam Akol [the Sudanese foreign minister] and will meet with Bashir later today," said Radhia Achouri, spokeswoman of the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), on Tuesday.

The Council members, who arrived in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, on Monday, met Jan Pronk, special representative of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and other UN officials Tuesday morning, she added. The meeting would be followed by one with Deng Alor, the Sudanese minister of cabinet affairs.

The delegation, led by Jones Parry of the United Kingdom, is expected to stress the importance of a full and rapid implementation of the 5 May Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA). The delegation will also seek the support of the Sudanese government to allow a UN force to take over the peacekeeping mission from 7,000 underfunded African Union (AU) troops.

Sudan recently agreed to allow a UN military planning team to go to Darfur, but it has stopped short of giving its consent to a UN force.

Jean-Marie Guehenno, under-secretary-general for peacekeeping operations, was appointed to lead the planning team on Monday. The team is expected to arrive in Sudan later this week on a joint mission with the AU. It is expected to hold wide-ranging discussions with Sudanese authorities aimed at strengthening the AU monitoring force in Darfur and preparing for the possible transition to a UN peacekeeping operation.


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