SUDAN WATCH: United Nations Sudan Situation Report 31 May 2006

Thursday, June 01, 2006

United Nations Sudan Situation Report 31 May 2006

United Nations Sudan Situation Report 31 May 2006 - excerpts:

North Darfur
On 29 May, an NGO vehicle was carjacked by an unidentified armed man in Mallit (60 km Northeast Al Fasher) town. No further information is available.

South Darfur
Demonstration in Otash IDP camp results in one IDP killed. Two IDPs killed in shooting incident in Kalma IDP camp

West Darfur
From 26 to 29 May, repeated attacks by the Abbala nomads on villages. On 26 May, they attacked the Bagara tribes and left nine dead and others wounded. The Abbala tribe attacked the villages of Karegkereg, Ambara, Tama and Gimir. Reportedly, 14 people were killed; The Abbala nomads allegedly are continuing north towards Zalingei. In preparation for further clashes, Njumbeil villagers reportedly contacted their tribe clans in Zalingei.

On 28 May, UN agencies and NGOs met with the Khartoum HAC delegation currently in Geneina. The meeting focused on drafting an emergency three month plan related to the implementation of the DPA.

On 30 May, the IDPs in Zalingei held peaceful demonstrations for the fourth day denouncing the DPA.

Southern Sudan
SPLA Order for the disarmament and withdrawal of SPLA soldiers in Yei. On 30 May, UNMIS Nyala held a meeting with the recently appointed King of the Massaliet to discuss his inaccessibility to Gereida. The King explained that once he has access to his land and people, the people of Massaliet will have the chance to discuss issues freely and choose their own representative once peace is reached.

Khartoum and North Sudan
UNMIS monitors the recent organized returns of 900 returnees who arrived in Kadugli on 24 May, and about 300 returnees are yet to be transported to their final destinations.

Eastern Sudan

Abyei, Blue Nile and South Kordofan
No casualties reported


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