SUDAN WATCH: Rebels of the world, come to Uncle Jose

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rebels of the world, come to Uncle Jose

Rebels of the world, come to Uncle Jose

Brilliant. Great thinking. From The Sunday Times - Rebels of the world, come to Uncle Jose, June 17, 2007: John-Paul Flintoff speaks with Jose Maria Aznar, the former Spanish leader. Excerpt:
Since leaving office he has run the Foundation for Social Analysis and Studies, a Madrid-based organisation known as the Popular party’s ideas lab.

Earlier this month in Prague it put together an unprecedented conference for dissidents from around the world to meet leaders and former leaders such as Aznar himself. The key speaker was his old amigo, George W Bush.
Note, the last line:
"Does he think the expected Blair Foundation will operate on similar lines to his own? The thought does not seem to have occurred to him and with a hearty laugh he finally drops the amigo act: “I don’t know. But mine is the best.”
Heh. He's funny. I reckon The Blair Foundation will be hot. (Afterthought: also hot, much to Gordon Brown's dismay, would be Tony Blair as permanent European President. Heh.)



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