SUDAN WATCH: Bin Laden's son Omar Osama has been deported from Spain and is being questioned by Egyptian authorities in Cairo

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bin Laden's son Omar Osama has been deported from Spain and is being questioned by Egyptian authorities in Cairo

November 9, 2008 BBC report:
Bin Laden son questioned in Egypt

One of Osama Bin Laden's sons has been deported from Spain following a failed asylum bid and is being questioned by the Egyptian authorities in Cairo.

Omar Osama Bin Laden, 27, arrived in Spain on Monday with his British wife and claimed his life was in danger in the Middle East.

But Spanish officials said there was no provision for the couple to claim asylum under Spanish law.

The pair have also been unsuccessful in securing British visas.

Mr Bin Laden, one of the al-Qaeda leader's 19 sons, made his claim for asylum at Barajas airport during a stopover on a flight from Egypt to Morocco with his 52-year-old wife, Zaina Alsabah Bin Laden, formerly Jane Felix-Browne of Cheshire.

He said the petition was rejected due to "insufficient evidence of danger or threat to [his] life". An appeal against the ruling is also believed to have been rejected.

He and his wife remained in a transit area until being deported on Saturday.

An unnamed Egyptian official told the Associated Press that a decision had not yet been taken on whether to allow them to enter the country.

Omar Bin Laden, a metals trader, says he has urged his father to give up violence and has not seen him since 2000.

Mrs Bin Laden says his life is in danger because he "stands up and asks for peace" and that Spain is their "only chance of surviving".
Bin Laden's son questioned in Egypt

Photo: Mr Bin Laden says he has not spoken to his father for eight years (Getty Images/BBC)
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Postscript from Sudan Watch Ed.

This evening, in response to a previous post here at Sudan Watch (Ref: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 - Bin Laden's son Omar Osama loses asylum bid in Spain) an anonymous Sudan Watch reader emailed me to say:
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