SUDAN WATCH: British PM Gordon Brown survives dissolution vote

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

British PM Gordon Brown survives dissolution vote

In order to stem the flow of incoming emails enquiring as to why Sudan Watch has stopped, this is a short note to explain that I have taken a break to concentrate my energy on following an avalanche of news on the serious political crisis we are facing here in England.  Up until today, England's Parliament was close to dissolving.   See latest reports:  
Gordon Brown survives dissolution vote

Why plot to oust Gordon Brown failed
Also, note these two cartoons (and dates) from The Daily Express (UK).  

Gordon Brown

Cartoon by Paul Thomas, 08 June 2009. The person on the psychiatrist's couch is Britain's unelected Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. The psychiatrist is saying: "You're not being paranoid - everyone does think you'll be gone by tomorrow..."
- - -


Cartoon by Paul Thomas, 10 June 2009. The sign hanging on the door of No. 10 Downing Street says:  BUSINESS AS USUAL (Heaven help us)


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