SUDAN WATCH: Re Abyei: NCP says both sides agree on accepting decision made by international arbitration

Monday, June 29, 2009

Re Abyei: NCP says both sides agree on accepting decision made by international arbitration

From Sudan Radio Service, 25 June 2009:
NCP Says Both Sides Agree on Crucial CPA Issues
(Washington D.C.) – The information secretary in the Sudanese embassy in the US, and the spokesperson of the NCP delegation, Saif el-Din Omer, said that the two parties have managed to agree on the most contentious issues in the implementation of the CPA.

He spoke to our producer Hussein Halfawi.

Halfawi: How do you in the NCP evaluate the outcome and the recommendations of the Washington meeting?

[Saif el-Din]: “I can assure you that the two partners have discussed all the contentious issues in the implementation of the CPA, and have reached an understanding, except on one important issue, which is the referendum issue, and the discussions are still going on about it here in Washington and they will continue discussing it in Khartoum or anywhere else. There are some suggestions on how to narrow the differences about this issue. But all the other issues have been agreed on.”

Halfawi: But the two main agendas discussed there, the census results and the border demarcations issue, have they been agreed on by the two parties?

[Saif el-Din]: “I have told you that the only important issue remaining is the referendum, and dialogue and discussions are going on about it. Regarding the Abyei issue, the two parties have agreed on accepting the decision which will be made by international arbitration, and their commitment to it. So the negotiations are not yet over. There is nothing worrying or disturbing to the two parties, who managed to reach a peace agreement which has stopped the war. They are capable of resolving any small differences.”

Halfawi: There are accusations from the SPLM that the NCP came to Washington to discuss the normalization of their relationship with the US, not to discuss the CPA issues, what do you say about this?

[Saif el-Din]:(interrupting) "I can tell you that the government did not come with any advance conditions, and this is not one of its policies in any negotiation. Whether it is with the United States or with the brothers in the rebel movements in Darfur. It does not believe in policy with conditions at all. Some people are criticizing the government for discussing the normalization of the relationship with the US. Personally, I think we should thank the government for it, because the sanctions on Sudan by the US are affecting all of the Sudanese people in the south and the north.”

Halfawi: So, can we say that the two partners will come back with a new spirit, to continue the full implementation of the CPA?

[Saif el-Din]: "I think so and hope so, and the good spirit they have started with, indicates that these small differences which emerge here and there from time to time are not new, unfortunately, and despite some parties trying to magnify these differences, the essential issue is not like that.”

The information secretary at the Sudanese embassy in the US, Saif El-din Omer, was speaking to Sudan Radio Service on Wednesday from Washington.
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