SUDAN WATCH: Sudan's National Election Commission says voter registration has been extended by a week

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sudan's National Election Commission says voter registration has been extended by a week

Report by Sudan Radio Service, November 23, 2009:
(Khartoum) - The National Election Commission has announced that voting in the forthcoming general election which was scheduled for April 5, 2010, will now take place on April 11.

The voter registration period has also been extended by a week. The decision comes after the NEC held meetings with some political parties on Sunday. The parties demanded the extension of the voter registration period.

Lieutenant-general Alhadi Mohammed Hamad, an NEC registrar, spoke to Sudan Radio Service on Monday.

[Lieutenant-general Alhadi Mohammed Hamad]: “For logistical reasons, we have realized that in some states the registration process has been delayed, and we are also responding to the requests of the political parties who met with the NEC. The commission decided to extend the registration period for an additional seven days, from December 1 to the 7th. Of course, this change will affect the polling date. Instead of April 5, it will be changed to the 11th. We have informed the high commissions in the states so that they will implement the decision.”

Mohammed went on to deny accusations that the NEC is working with the NCP, saying that they have not received any complaints about the process.

[Lieutenant-general Alhadi Mohammed Hamad]: The registration is currently being monitored both locally and internationally by political parties and organizations like the United Nations. And all of them have praised us for what is taking place, and you can even read the statement made by the UN official who is here on a mission to monitor the registration process and so far no political party has issued any kind of complaints about the registration process in Sudan.”

Lieutenant-general Alhadi Mohammed Hamad was speaking to Sudan Radio Service on Monday.

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