SUDAN WATCH: BREAKING NEWS: Malakal, Upper Nile - S. Sudan govt will not take any military actions against George Athor

Thursday, May 06, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Malakal, Upper Nile - S. Sudan govt will not take any military actions against George Athor

GREAT NEWS just in from SRS (Sudan Radio Service) via email. Today, Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) spokesman, Paul Mayom Akech told SRS that his government will not use force against George Athor or any of his followers. High level GoSS officials are in consultation with Mr Athor in order to resolve the issue amicably and peacefully.

With special thanks to SRS for their brilliant journalism and speedy snappy balanced fact-packed reporting, here is a copy of their report in full:
Thursday, 6 May 2010 (JUBA, S. Sudan) – The Government of Southern Sudan says it will not take any military action against one of its generals who allegedly perpetrated an attack on an SPLA barracks in Upper Nile state a week ago.

Last week, General George Athor, who was contesting as an independent candidate against the Jonglei state governor Kuol Manyang, allegedly orchestrated an assault on the SPLA barracks in Doliep Hills, because he refused to concede defeat in the elections.

General Athor had demanded the resignation of Jonglei state governor-elect Kuol Manyang, and asked for an amnesty for all the soldiers that joined his contingent.

After a week of silence, GOSS spokesman, Paul Mayom Akech told SRS on Thursday from Juba that the government will not use force against General Athor.

[Paul Mayom]: “The Government of Southern Sudan looks at the matter as an unfortunate incident in which lives of innocent people have been lost; be they soldiers or civilians. And the government has not made up its mind to go on an offensive against the perpetrators of this particular incident. There is no question of a military offensive against General George Athor. There are youths from the villages in the areas of Khorfulus and around Nyirol county that were frightened following the incident and they ran into the bush; and if the government is to carry out an offensive against the people you term as the followers of General George, then you are virtually operating against the civilians community. It is not an option for the Government of Southern Sudan to operate against its citizens.”

Paul Mayom added that the government is in consultation with the aggrieved general in order to resolve the issue.

[Paul Mayom]: “We are in contact with General George Athor. I am told he is speaking to the headquarters of our president. I have also been told informally that General Athor had asked that his Excellency Lual Ding, General Anthony Bol, one minister from the state government of Upper Nile and I should meet him and discuss the grievances with the intention of amicably and peacefully resolving the issue. And I understand the chiefs are already there in Malakal meeting him. George Athor is not someone new to the movement and we expect that whatever mistake has occurred, there is a room to settle it.”

Paul Mayom Akech, GOSS caretaker minister of information and broadcasting, was talking to SRS from Juba on Thursday.
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