SUDAN WATCH: Khartoum: A peace agreement in Darfur "maybe" within two months

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Khartoum: A peace agreement in Darfur "maybe" within two months

Sudan's minister of humanitarian affairs expects the war in Darfur to be over "maybe" within the next two months.

Three months ago, Khartoum said there would be peace in Sudan within three months. As per usual, they have gone back on their word. In two months time they will move the goalposts again.

The EU is discussing matters connected to Darfur. The British government recently held an internal committee meeting about Darfur. UN Ambassador John Danforth has urged: we need to get European troops in there.

Here's hoping for an EU-US protection force to back up AU troops in Sudan.
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A Reuters report today says Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels hacked to death three children and four women in an attack in lawless southern Sudan, a local religious leader said.

"The LRA are becoming very dangerous now for our people because they are operating in small groups and you never know where they will attack," he told Reuters.


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